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Fishing in Kalvsjön



  • Only fly fishing is allowed using a fly rod, fly reel, fly line and a fly.
  • The lake is open to visitors during the period of May 15 and September 30th.
  • A fishing license is required. It is personal and it is valid during one day (and for one rod) from 06.00 to 24.00 and it allows you to take up 3 fishes.
  • The fishing license is personal and the daily catch is 3 fishes. If you want to take up more than 3 fishes, you have to buy a new license.
  • A child under the age of 16 is allowed to fish without a license if the parent have a valid fishing card, but the limit of maximum 3 fishes apply to both parties together.
  • If an inspector or member from the club asks for it, you have to show your fishing license together with identification.
  • You fish from a jetty or from land. You can also use waders if you want to stand in the water.

–> If you catch a trout under 35 centimeters you have to put it back in to the lake <–


You buy the fishing license in the cabin by the camping site, on the western side of the lake. It costs 280 Swedish kronor. You pay in cash, with even money, or with Swish. Information about Swish can be read about in the cabin. When you have bought 6 licenses during the same year, you get the 7th for free. As a payment, you put your 6 “old” licenses in an envelope and put it in the box.

At the annual meeting 2024 it was also decided that non-members, who has bought a fishing license, is allowed to use a floating ring for the cost of 220 kronor / day. Observe that this only applies to floating rings. Other boats, canoes and kayaks are still forbidden to use.

If you have a valid fishing license you are allowed to put up your tent or your caravan at Kalvsjön camping site on the west side of the lake. One night costs 100 Swedish kronor and if you also would like to use electricity you can do so for the cost of 100 kronor more. You pay in cash (even money) or with Swish in the cabin where you buy the fishing license. 

There are often members staying at the camp site and if you need som help, you are welcome to ask them.